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Celebrating my 12th year as a turntablist and thought I’d finally get a website.


About sucomandante

DJ Su Comandante: Growing up in El Salvador and moving to Victoria at age 13, Raul Espinoza taught himself to use turntables in the year 2000 and soon after became DJ Su Comandante. Blending music from all over the map "Su-Co”, as he is often called, has a passion for music as contagious as his beats are danceable. DJ Su Comandante has opened for acts such as K-OS, Wyclef Jean of the Fugees, Yellowman, and Fishbone, and hosted a radio show of underground hip hop for 5 years at CFUV radio in Victoria. He is currently one of the staff at Highlife Records on Commercial Drive, and a workshop facilitator with Hip Hop Hope, the Surrey Urban Youth Project, and Leave Out ViolencE. He also plays with the Metaphor project, introducing youth to the 5 elements of hip hop in a positive way, and is working on an album with Los Migrantes, a collaboration with Stahz Grandson.

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